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Nothing ever becomes real till it is experienced.

John Keats


I have been teaching Educational Technology at the Central Middle School in Parsippany (NJ) for the past six years. My position as an educationalist over the past five years has been an extremely enriching experience, where I not only trained the future generation in Multimedia Technology, but also learned how to become more open-minded, creative and accepting. While I did manage to obtain a Master’s degree in the Art of Teaching (whilst being a teacher), my skills as an educationalist and a leader were truly honed when I started taking up leadership roles for organizing and executing multiple tasks for the school and the District’s Technology Committee. As an educator, I have not only trained students and teachers, but have also been involved in decisions regarding budgets, equipment purchases, and the district’s long term goals regarding technology in education. I have always been a strong team player and truly believe in focusing on solutions rather than problems.

As a leader, I can confidently state that I have been a catalyst for students as well as teachers to keep pace with the evolving technologies. This includes tasks such as coaching elementary and secondary teachers on effectively implementing Macbooks, Tablet PCs, iPads, MOODLE, Interactive Boards, and Google Docs. I believe my role requires not only technically training them, but also inspiring them with a clear vision — enabling them to move away from established paradigms and accept change. Over the years, I have become acutely aware of my strengths as well as weaknesses, and have been working tirelessly to achieve a steep learning curve to further improve my skills. I sincerely believe that I have learned not only to make ‘great’ decisions, but have tried to make great decisions a part of my natural instinct, which comes with commitment and dedication.

Moreover, it brings me pride to say that I am a man of faith, which has helped me develop a tremendously positive attitude, while maintaining humility. As an educator, my faith has gone a long way in helping me make every hurdle a great learning experience for the students and teachers whom I have trained, and also for myself. I will continue to give back to the community – by imparting the knowledge and skills that I have developed – with great enthusiasm, in an effort to make a difference in the life of others and maximize global synergy.


Parsippany High School
Bachelor’s degree – Montclair State University
Master’s degree – Marygrove College
Supervisor Certification – Montclair State University

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iPhone 5
iPad Air | Mac Mini
Macbook Pro Retina
iMac 27″ 2014


Traveling | Taking Photos
Snowboarding | Ocean Swimming | Playing Cricket

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The role of a creative leader is not to have all the ideas; it’s to create a culture where everyone can have ideas and feel that they’re valued.

-  Ken Robinson

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Providing value to teams by aligning smart design strategies with inspired leadership.



Before starting any project or task, I first evaluate its broad impact and milestones. Then I plan, organize, and prioritize the incremental steps required to successfully reach the goal and accomplish the objective.


I generally do not accept any proposed plans or projects at face value. I am always judicious and critically evaluate each component to prevent mishaps and to ensure a successful, smooth outcome.


All of my colleagues have trusted me with important and time-sensitive projects, and I have always succeeded in surpassing their expectations. Furthermore, I always strive to give others the confidence and security so they can put their trust in me to complete any and all tasks on time.


Hurdles are a part of any project. Within the constantly changing circumstances and any new challenges that arise, I do not become frustrated or demoralized. Instead, I adapt and use these challenges as a springboard to develop new ideas and complete the project.


Instead of being demanding and authoritative, I let my actions and work ethic speak on my behalf. As a result, this  creates a positive environment wherein all collaborators are comfortable in expressing their unique ideas.


Coming from a religious and a morally pure upbringing, my parents and mentors have engrained values like honestly, respect, and accountability within me. Living with dignity has been a hallmark of my family and myself.

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